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Reviews for Reinshagen Chiropractic & Family Wellness

What Our Cheviot Patients Say


At Reinshagen Chiropractic & Family Wellness we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Wish I Would Have Started Sooner

Dr Robb and staff are AWESOME!! I was a fool to stay away for so long!!

Karen H.

I Felt Like I Mattered

First time I’ve actually had a chiropractor ask me so many questions. I felt like I mattered.

Kim W.

Much Improvement!

During my checkup appointment with my family doctor, Dr. J. Schuermann, M.D., she asked what I was doing that I was doing so much better than at my last visit. I told her that I was seeing my chiropractor (Dr. Robb) regularly and she said to keep it up – it is helping! After my visit, she sent the following results: “Your labs showed normal blood count, kidney tests, liver tests and thyroid tests. Your sugar was GREAT! Your cholesterol was very good – much improved!” Thank you, Dr. Robb!!

Gary D.

I’ve Never Felt Better

I began getting adjustments from Dr. Robb when I first started working at Reinshagen Chiropractic about 3 months ago. Since then I have never felt better! I used to get headaches almost constantly, and those headaches are now almost nonexistent! I also used to have problems falling asleep and staying asleep at night. Now I fall asleep almost instantly, and even better I actually stay asleep! My family tells me that they have noticed a pretty significant change in my mood as well. They say I seem more lively and just happier overall. I can’t wait to see how I feel in another 3 months! If you haven’t seen a Chiropractor before I would highly suggest that you do! Dr. Robb truly cares about each and every one of his patients and that definitely shows!

Korie M.

Experiencing Numerous Health Benefits

Since his first adjustment Mike has made the following health gains: “better coordination, increase muscular strength, less anxiety, improved sleeping, better able to handle stress, less muscular pain, greater flexibility, improved posture, more energy, and increased concentration.”

Michael J.


Dr. Reinshagen was the second chiropractor I have seen. I sought his help after my first experience with another doctor went poorly. Dr. Reinshagen took the time, listened to me, heard my concerns, took detailed notes, measurements and x-rays. I can truly say that I am confident my needs will be met, and for that, I am grateful.

Stephanie K.

Appreciative of Holistic Approach

Very appreciative of holistic approach.

Pam W.

Love Coming in For an Adjustment!

I love coming in for an adjustment! I feel well-informed at the causes of my many issues, and your willingness to work with me on payments.

Mary W.

So Relieved I Wanted To Cry

I came here expecting to just get relief from my headaches and back pain, but I’ve found so much more here with my wellness troubles. I was so relieved I wanted to cry when Dr. Robb told me the reasons for my digestive troubles.

Kim W.


Dr. Robb is the most comprehensive Chiropractor I have ever seen.

Ginger J.


Dr. Reinshagen is amazing.

Amy C.

Great Staff!

Very helpful and surprisingly informative. I’ve got high hopes this will help not only my back but relating problems. Great staff!

Alexander H.

Will Recommend

Really knowledgeable, told me things I didn’t know but needed to! High energy and genuine. Will recommend to those in need.

Lawrence S.


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