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Nutritional Support

At Reinshagen Chiropractic & Family Wellness, we believe in offering our patients a whole-body approach to health, and that means offering solutions beyond chiropractic care.

For patients who may be stressed and want to lose weight and feel better naturally, we’re proud to now offer the Standard Process Supplements system.

Is Stress Weighing On You?

Whether you know it or not, stress can play a critical role in your health and weight. While most of us think of stress as a feeling, there are actually a few different kinds that can weigh on you (literally!) and lead to poor eating, an unhealthy diet and lowered activity.

  • Emotional Stress – Even though everyone is more than likely dealing with some degree of emotional stress, be it at work, home or in a relationship, it deserves your attention before it gets to be too much and causes unwanted negativity in your life.
  • Physical Stress – This kind of stress happens daily, for example, when we sit for too long or partake in repetitive actions like lifting or bending.
  • Chemical Stress – If your body isn’t balanced chemically, stress can cause more than just negative thoughts—it can actually affect how you function each day. Other factors like cleaning products, diet, smoking, alcohol, and over the counter medications can all lead to chemical stress.

By addressing your stressors, you’ll be able to live a better, healthier life.

Standard Process Supplements Now Available

Using the Standard Process Supplement system, we’re able to offer patients exactly what their body needs to be successful in losing weight and getting healthy. Best of all, this isn’t just another “fad” weight loss program — we’re proud to offer a comprehensive lifestyle solution to help you achieve your goals in health. Order your supplements directly by clicking the image to the right. Questions? Take a look at Patient Direct’s FAQ sheet.

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Standard Process Supplements are made of whole-food ingredients harvested directly from the company’s own farms, delivering vital nutrients in each capsule.

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If you’re wondering what your body needs to lose weight and feel better from the inside out, contact our practice today to book an appointment. As your chiropractor, it’s always our goal to help you live your best life.

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