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Achieve an Ergonomic Work Space

Your body was meant to move—not to sit behind a desk and stare at a computer screen all day. However, we know there are also bills to pay!

To ensure your body stays healthy while you work, here are a few tips for making your workspace more ergonomic.

1) If you work at a computer, make sure your monitor is positioned at eye level to avoid cervical curve problems that can occur if you’re looking too far downwards at your screen.

2) Consider purchasing a wrist rest for your mouse pad and keyboard. This will help position your wrist at an ideal level for typing and lower the risk of inflaming the carpal tunnel.

3) Remember to stand and move around once each hour for a few minutes at a time. This helps to loosen tight muscles and stretch. Standing desks are also a great alternative to sitting desks, which help to decompress the legs.

Regular Checkups

The next time you visit our practice for an adjustment, be sure to ask us for additional ways that you can improve your workspace ergonomics and posture. We’d be happy to share our thoughts.

Visiting us for regular checkups is also a great way to complement your ergonomic workspace and helps ensure the health of your spine, muscles and overall wellness.

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