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Warming Up Properly for Exercise

woman stretchingIt’s no secret—exercising is a major player in keeping you healthy, and since we’re invested in your health, we want you to stay active and well as long as possible. But one of the most important parts of exercising properly is including a warm up, which is easily forgotten.

Here are a few tips from Cheviot chiropractor; Dr. Robb Reinshagen, for getting your body ready for a work out before diving right into exertion.

A warm up should last roughly 15 minutes.

Jumping straight into exercise is one of the most common ways to injure yourself. Why? Your muscles are not yet warm, limber, or stretched, making them more susceptible to problems. Instead, consider a brisk walk or light jog coupled with mild whole-body stretching before you begin to exercise for a full fifteen minutes.

Don’t forget the cool down.

Cooling down is a great way to get your heart rate and breathing back to your resting level. It also helps you avoid an excess buildup of lactic acid in your muscles.

Prevent injury with Dr. Robb, chiropractor Cheviot

Did you know that chiropractic adjustments at our practice can help keep your body in peak performance mode? Regular adjustments help to restore your body’s ability to heal itself and maintain a balanced nervous system.

Want to learn more about how to warm up properly before exercising? Ask us for additional tips at your next appointment.

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