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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Restores Quality of Life

Through the use of our specific, gentle adjusting techniques, we’re able to effectively correct spinal misalignment patterns, helping to create comfort and strength as it relates to spinal mechanics and function. You’ll find some of our most common adjusting styles listed below.

  • Activator Methods™: Through the use of a handheld instrument, this technique delivers a light, low-force adjustment to the spine. We use this method primarily with very young children and those patients that are fragile.

  • Diversified: This is a classic chiropractic technique, using hands-on, manual adjusting.

  • Extremity Work: We’re able to correct the biomechanics of many non-spinal joints, including shoulders, knees, ankles, feet, toes, wrists, fingers and even the ears.

  • Koren Specific Technique (KST): This is a healing protocol used to locate and release stubborn areas of blockage or distortion, including emotional issues, phobias, allergies and deeper levels of subluxation. Read more about KST here.

  • Neuromuscular Re-education: Through the use of trigger point therapy and stretching, we’re able to effectively break down patterns of muscle spasm that contribute to chronic pain patterns.

  • Thompson Drop Table: This is a wonderful technique for those patients that prefer a light-force style of adjusting. The specialized table features neck, chest and lumbar pieces that have the capacity to drop during the adjustment.

  • Webster Technique®: Through a specialized analysis of lumbar and pelvis biomechanics, we’re able to help expectant moms experience a much better pregnancy, including optimal positioning of the baby in the birth canal.

Our carefully chosen techniques are based on years of research and successful outcomes. Our mission is to help as many people as we can, and we’d love to help you. Make an appointment today to see us; you’ll love our warm and welcoming office! divider-custom-full

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