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About Us

Your Home Away From Home

Although we’ve been in practice since 2000, our current office is located in a residential building that’s been converted into office space. Patients often describe the practice as homey and welcoming. We think you’ll agree!

Providing Modern Family Care

Our office provides state-of-the-art treatment for Cheviot families, with a special emphasis on pediatric chiropractic care. We love working with young families, from newborns and pregnant moms-to-be to toddlers and teenagers. We also welcome those who may have been injured in an automobile accident or suffered personal injury. You’ll find that we have the expertise and tools to help even the toughest cases.

One of our passions is helping kids to recover quickly from a sports injury and to increase their levels of performance, whether it’s in swimming, wrestling, hockey, bowling, golf or any sport. Our mission is to reduce the amount of expensive and invasive medical intervention youngsters can be subjected to, especially in the areas of athletic injury. We want to help our children avoid unnecessary drugs or surgery. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Helping Children Bloom

Parents usually see great improvement in their little ones when they bring them in for gentle treatment.

Imagine a mom whose newborn baby is suffering with “failure to thrive.” The infant cannot feed, and is not gaining weight. Our simple testing shows that there’s a misalignment in the child’s upper neck, and after a gentle adjustment, there’s almost immediate visible improvement. Days later, that same tiny baby is now breast-feeding and gaining ounces and forming the necessary physical and emotional bonds with his mother.

What about a baby who’s born with a misshapen head from the extreme pressure in the birth canal? The child is brought in with one eye drooping and a cranium that looks malformed. Again, through a couple of very light-force adjustments, the skull begins to correct itself, the eyes level out and the eye no longer sags. Parents often think of these results as miraculous, but it’s simply the body healing itself once it’s given a gentle helping hand.

Our Practice Difference

Holistic Health Practitioners of Greater Cincinnati badgeWe stand out in the community in several ways:

  • We take the time to listen to our patients. You’ll never be rushed through a treatment or treated like just another number.
  • We have a reputation for excellence in the thoroughness of our exams and evaluations. We take the time to explain what the problem is and how we can correct it.
  • Our focus is always to get to the root of your problem: How long has it been there? How might it have happened? How long will it take to correct?
  • We feature a full gym in the basement of our office. We enjoy taking the time to help our patients with fitness tips and demonstrations of proper exercise protocols.

Our patients appreciate our attention to detail and our expertise in solving troublesome health issues. We can get you feeling better quickly.

Contact us today! We provide free parking, on-site X-rays and accept Medicare.


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